Telemarketing vs Email Marketing – which one is more efficient?

Marketing campaigns are many in number. You need to get in more and more information first. That is only possible when you have the right information by your side. Procuring database for marketing is the first step and only after that, you can perform any sort of business marketing campaigns.

Let us now see the difference between Telemarketing and Email marketing. How each has its own pros and cons. Based on which we will decide which is more efficient.


Telemarketing: After procuring the relevant database for your business. It is now time to make calls based on the database you procure. The details of all major prospects are will be present in the relevant database. Phone numbers and their details are something which needs to be present before making any progress. Now later either you or one of your employees can make the relevant calls to your prospects. After which generating a conversation and telling them about the things you are getting to the table is important. Later they can either agree to your terms right then and there on the call or give them some time.

Email Marketing: Procure the relevant database which is the same as telemarketing. Now here you don’t have to wait of spend a lot of time. All you need is a good content which explains about your business. Along with a landing page with a link and a good call to action. All of these will surely be the best way in which your prospects can contact you back.


Telemarketing: It is mandatory that you invest in someone who can make calls and give you better results. It all depends on the staff count you hold and how big or small is your company. Based on that you need to proceed.

Email Marketing: You have two options here, you can either higher an Email Marketing Campaign Services company or you can do it yourself. But my suggestion would be to involve an experienced company which handles all your email tasks.

Now let us see if telemarketing solution is better or if Email Marketing Solutions better


Pros: You can have a conversation with your prospects. Give them a verbal explanation about your products and brand. Make them understand each and every aspect of your business.

Cons: In contrast, It takes a lot of time. Not to mention, you can target one lead at a time. In case you need to target multiple prospects then you will have to invest more on manpower.

Marketing through emails:

Pros: You can send your emails to a numerous number of prospects at a time. Create new content and make it innovative and get a response online. Very much cost effective and the investment you have to put is quite less.

Cons: You won’t actually know even after with the click-through if the person has read it or not. You won’t have a direct link towards them.


There is no particular answer to this question. It is because both has its own advantages and to sum up it is your business which should be considered. Since we are being generic here it all depends on what your business is. That will decide which the best marketing campaigns are for you.

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